Not a Tax: IRS to Hire Thousands of New Agents to Enforce ObamaCare

Do you want bigger government??  Do you want new taxes??  Do you want our government to spend more??


7 Jul 2012163post a comment

Thanks to some unforced errors committed by Team Romney last week regarding the ObamaCare tax/penalty issue, the corrupt media was able to keep the focus of the presidential election exactly where Obama wants it kept: off his failed record and on Mitt Romney. The media never, however, will expose the White House’s own hypocrisy on the issue — including its own Solicitor General making the tax case for Obama Care before the Supreme Court.

Something the media won’t be able to spin, though, is that even though ObamaCare is a job killer in the private sector, it’s a boon for federal employees who enjoy the kind of health and pension benefits you and I can only dream of — specifically IRS agents.

How many, exactly? Numbers range from 2,700 to 16,500:(Read More)

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