We are concerned!

About the non-use of the U.S. Constitution by

the U.S. Congress as a roadmap to govern this nation.

About the continued growth of government;

About our national debt;

About our national security;

About the restriction on bearing arms;

About the restriction of free speech;

About the restriction of religion.

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Constitutional Republicanish: Justice Served

It has been a while since I have an article by Dr. Keyes but he is still GREAT ON HIS COMMENTS CONCERNING THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I highly recommend you reading this article and pass it on to your relatives and friends. barbwire.com/2017/11/22/constitutional-republicanism-justice-served/ Don … [Read More...]

Fw: The Meaning of the Flag-Draped Coffin.

This should be sent to EVERY PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL AND BASEBALL PLAYER.PLEASE FORWARD.Don                                  www.burlesoncountyteaparty.org-----Forwarded Message----- From: Wayne Edwards < wayne@familypoet.com> Sent: Nov 16, 2017 12:49 … [Read More...]

Fw: Turmcoats

Click on Turncoats and read this and see if YOU WANT THIS TO HAPPEN!!!!!!! If not please SHARE.Don-----Forwarded Message----- From: The Adkisons < wladkison@yahoo.com> Sent: Nov 14, 2017 2:22 PM To: Don Cook < runninc@earthlink.net>, Mary Sue Ribardo < marysueribardo@yahoo.com> Subject: Turmcoats 96 Turncoats … [Read More...]

Fw: Fwd: Robin Williams as the American Flag

You may have seen this before, but IT IS WORTH WATCHING IT AGAIN - particularly THE COMMENT ABOUT kneeling.  If you enjoyed - PLEASE SHARE.Don-----Forwarded Message----- From: J&R Martens < pair.o.docs1171@gmail.com> Sent: Nov 12, 2017 12:50 PM To: Ann < windy4695@gmail.com> Subject: Fwd: Robin Williams as the American Flag Subject: … [Read More...]

Quin Hillyer: Mitch McConnell helped create this mess in Alabama

This is a very, very GOOD article. But I STILL BELIEVE THERE WAS A SNAKE IN THE GRASS!!!!!!! "It is time for a hard and fast new rule: National party committees and so-called “Leadership PACs,” and their affiliates, should avoid all direct financial involvement in party primaries." "Mitch McConnell, Luther Strange and company utterly screwed … [Read More...]

This Woman Stands with Judge Roy Moore

I agree with this lady. "Judge Moore, like President Trump, is one to be feared. He is a fierce fighter for conservative and Christian causes, and that alone renders him a severe threat to the Republican establishment and the ungodly Left. I sincerely hope he is ready to take on this latest attempt to keep Judge Moore, like President Trump, is … [Read More...]

Roy Moore Gets the Herman Cain Treatment

How many DEMOCRATS HAVE BEEN CHARGED AND WHAT HAPPENED??? "Daresay that the allegations against Bill Clinton, the man who lied when said he never have sex with “that woman… Monica Lewinsky,” are more credible and documented than the decades-old charges against Judge Roy Moore. Maybe we should ask Juanita Broaddrick about that." Excellent … [Read More...]

GOP postpones tax bill rollout; future uncertain

Read this and you will see the problems the "don't touch my DONNER'S MONEY" has. All congressmen/women are protecting their corner of the TAX PLAN. You will SHAKE YOUR HEAD after reading this and you will see how divided our REPUBLICAN US HOUSE IS. I think they are FORZEN IN PLACE!!!!!! They CANNOT MOVE!! They spend too much time in "THE … [Read More...]

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There has been talk about this organization. You can read this article and see if you agree with … [Read More...]

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