We are concerned!

About the non-use of the U.S. Constitution by

the U.S. Congress as a roadmap to govern this nation.

About the continued growth of government;

About our national debt;

About our national security;

About the restriction on bearing arms;

About the restriction of free speech;

About the restriction of religion.

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The Danger of Shopping at Target

Forward.  Who did not think that this would happen?Don-----Forwarded Message----- From: Texas Values < info@txvalues.org> Sent: Jul 27, 2018 5:31 PM To: Don Cook < runninc@earthlink.net> Subject: The Danger of Shopping at Target … [Read More...]

GOP and Democrats Triple H-2B Visa-Workers to Almost 200,000

www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/07/26/gop-and-democrats-triple-h-2b-visa-workers-to-almost-200000/ The AMERICAN workers are getting SCREWED AGAIN !!!!!!!!! Tell your US REPRESENTATIVE (202-224-3121) that you sure AS HELL don't appreciate this AT ALL. These REPRESENTATIVES ARE LAPDOGS FOR THE LOBBYIST IN THE "SWAMP". Business just RECEIVED … [Read More...]

Nolte: Helsinki Is One of Trump’s Finest Moments

www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/07/17/nolte-helsinki-is-one-of-trumps-finest-moments/#bbvb "President Donald Trump proved to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday that he is nobody’s puppet — not Putin’s, not the Deep State’s, and not the establishment media’s." "What the media wanted was to emotionally blackmail Trump into creating an … [Read More...]

The irrational hysteria over Trump and Putin

www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/07/the_irrational_hysteria_over_trump_and_putin.htm "I spent a good part of yesterday watching the vast army of those incapable of generating an original thought, namely the majority of talking heads on radio and television as well as politicians in both parties, droning on about the disaster that was the … [Read More...]

Microsolft Threatens Trump Over Middle Class Visa Outsourcing

www.breitbart.com/2018-elections/2018/07/13/microsoft-threatens-trump-over-middle-class-visa-outsourcing/ This is why young people graduating from college cannot get a job!!!!!! These companies even after getting a BUSINESS TAX REDUCTION from 35% down to 21% still want CHEAP LABOR. They will not hire AMERICAN COLLEGE GRADUATES!!!!!!! Put the … [Read More...]

Settled Law (What is that?)

www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/07/settled_law_isnt_.html I get tired hearing people on TV shows stating that ROE VS WADE is settled law. AS STATED IN THE US CONSITIUTION, ONLY CONGRESS CAN MAKE LAW?????? -- Additionally the decision by the SCOTUS APPLIES ONLY TO THE PARTIES INVOLVED IN THE LAW SUIT (THE PLANITIFF AND DEFENDENT). Where in … [Read More...]

To an ‘almost’ old person ….

; text-indent:0px; text-transform:none; white-space:normal; word-spacing:0px">          I never really liked the terminology   "Old People"    but this makes me feel better about it.   And if you … [Read More...]

Letter From A Ticked Off Lady

I do think the lady is ticked off and I DO AGREE WITH HER.     This all started with one PRESIDENT, LBJ decided he needed more money to fight the Viet Nam war and THE WAR ON POVERTY!!!!  So he had CONGRESS to amend the law and placed SS ON BUDGET.  IT WAS OFF BUDGET.  It should BACK TO "OFF BUDGET" so those ######## … [Read More...]


Want to know what MR. RYAN' AMNEST PLAN look like??? www.numbersusa.com/sites/default/files/public/assets/resources/files/Ryan%20Amnesty%20Plan.pdf WE MUST HAVE THE "WALL AND E-VERIFY" at the LEAST!!!!!!!! DO AWAY WITH CHAIN IMMIGRATION!!!!!! Contact your US HOUSE REP's OFFICE and inform them of your feelings. Read and CRY. Mr. Ryan is … [Read More...]

DACA Indviduals should have CLEAN POLICE RECORD

www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/06/19/steve-king-trump-should-veto-lame-duck-paul-ryan-amnesty-bill/#iscbbshar DACA's police record should be CLEAN, CLEAN AND CLEAN!!!!!!! "Congressman King said: Last week, I announced that 66% of DACA applicants who self-reported criminality received a DACA permit anyway. The latest data released by U.S. … [Read More...]

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There has been talk about this organization. You can read this article and see if you agree with … [Read More...]

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