We are concerned!

About the non-use of the U.S. Constitution by

the U.S. Congress as a roadmap to govern this nation.

About the continued growth of government;

About our national debt;

About our national security;

About the restriction on bearing arms;

About the restriction of free speech;

About the restriction of religion.

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www.breitbart.com/2018-elections/2018/05/23/blue-state-executive-gop-vote-amnesty-or-no-donations/#bbvb Read this and YOU WILL BE SICK. Can you believe there are RICH REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT that place migrants AHEAD OF AMERICAN WORKERS!!!!!!!! "A GOP business donor from the high-immigration, Democrat-dominated state of Illinois is threatening … [Read More...]

Ryan’s Super PAC Gives Millions to GOP’s Amnesty Discharge Signers

Vhttp://www.breitbart.com/immigration/2018/05/17/ryan-ally-spending-millions-to-aid-gop-amnesty-discharge-reps/#bbvb This is a picture of a TWO-FACE SNAKE. Additionally it is a picture a individual who will lie to the PRESIDENT, HIS CAUCUS AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Why does the HOUSE REPUBLICAN CAUCUS KEEP HIM AS SPEAKER, This person is … [Read More...]

Cornyn Doesn’t ‘Understand’ Paxton Bid To End DACA?

empowertexans.com/texans-in-dc/cornyn-doesnt-understand-paxton-bid-to-end-daca/ "Cornyn says he has immersed himself in the problem of illegal immigration for years? Given the lack of results, maybe he shouldn’t brag about his wasted effort? Quite frankly, it looks increasingly like Cornyn is the problem!!!!!" I agree. OUR SENATOR is not that … [Read More...]

Trump’s ICE Agency Doubles Workplace Immigration Enforcement

www.breitbart.com/2018-elections/2018/05/14/trump-ice-agency-doubles-workplace-immigration-enforcement/ This is GREAT. "The stepped-up enforcement is nudging companies to hire Americans at higher wages, but it is sparking strong resistance from the business lobbies which use illegals to lower Americans’ wages." Is this sicken or NOT????? With … [Read More...]

Truth to nitwits

This got to be the best response THAT I HAVE EVERY HEARD!!!!!!  Mr. Gowdy hit the nail RIGHT ON THE HEAD.  PLEASE SHARE   Don                         www.burlesoncountyteaparty.org -----Forwarded Message----- From: Chris Vaughn < rodnok481@aol.com> Sent: May … [Read More...]

CBO: Government runs biggest monthly surplus ever in April

www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/05/cbo_government_runs_biggest_monthly_surplus_ever_in_april_.html How long do you think it will take CONGRESS TO GET THEIR GRUBBY FINGERS ON THE 190 BILLIONS DOLLARE ON THIS SURPLUS??????????? "But the strong revenue numbers suggest that the tax cut is having its desired effect. And while it probably won't … [Read More...]


Let's hope the DOCTOR can clean his plow.  This person just walks into UTAH and thinks he will win the SENATE SEAT.  if YOU CAN HELP THE doctor please do so.  SHARE   Don                                        … [Read More...]


Yes -   this is a disgrace.  I wish and hope the voters in these individuals congressional districts will vote them out of office.  Last night in Washington, Mich THE PRESIDENT stated WE ALWAY STAND FOR OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM AND THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TO OUR AMERICAN FLAG.  It looks like  these individuals DO NOT UNDERSTAND … [Read More...]

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There has been talk about this organization. You can read this article and see if you agree with … [Read More...]

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