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We are concerned!

About the non-use of the U.S. Constitution by

the U.S. Congress as a roadmap to govern this nation.

About the continued growth of government;

About our national debt;

About our national security;

About the restriction on bearing arms;

About the restriction of free speech;

About the restriction of religion.

123 + Year Old Tombstone; Attica Cemetery, Harper County, Kansas

123 + Year Old Tombstone; Attica Cemetery, Harper County, Kansas

Featured Articles

Ohio Tea Parties are Going to Work

THIS IS GREAT. I hope other TEA PARTIES will follow what this OHIO GROUP is doing.  We NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET. PLEASE SHARE.   www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/08/28/tea-party-trump-unveils-grassroots-coalition-ohio-kick-off-event/ Don www.burlesoncountyteaparty … [Read More...]

Hillary Clinton’s reaction to Louisiana floods v. Katrina

This is what I said in my earlier messages that she would not appear in Louisiana. In my opinion she could care less about the people in LOUISIANA.  I have not heard ANY COMMENTS of support from the SPEAKER PAUL RYAN OR SENATE MAJORITY LEADER MCCONNELL. I guess they will BE VOTING FOR CROOKED HILLARY. I hope their CONSTITUENCY make … [Read More...]

Donald Trump is Right

This backs-up Mr Trump's remarks that CROOKED HILLARY is a BIGOT. In addition she is a liar and is not trustworthy.  Remember BENGAHZI, CLASSIFIED EMAILS and CLINTON FOUNDATION All of these items she has lied about.  SHARE.  Let everyone in your FACEBOOK and in you EMAIL LIST know about these items because the LIBERAL MEDIA WILL … [Read More...]

Media Anti-Trump Frenzy Will Backfire

This is an excellent article. As you will see the LIBERALS want us to go in their direction or they will MAKE US GO THEIR WAY.  "Democrats are instituting a government that will force political opponents to obey their rules on what we may think and say and do. The liberal media are enforcers who parrot the party line and punish … [Read More...]

Poll shows Donald Trump Takes Lead in Florida

This is GREAT, GREAT NEWS. This means that YOU HAVE BEEN WORKING HARD FOR MR. TRUMP. Thank you very much for your work.  This show that more people are now becoming aware that HILLARY LIES, LIES, AND LIES AND SHE IN NOT TRUSTWORTHY. Remember BENGHAZI, CLASSIFIED EMAIL (This may have had CIA AGENTS KILLED - we will never know) and the … [Read More...]

The Five on Black Lives Matter — and Me

"US district judge James Robart (A federal judge! This judge was appointed by George W. Bush) is presiding over the implementation of a 2012 consent decree requiring Seattle to adopt various [federal] police reforms."  Seattle is one of the 30 cities where the Department of Justice is taking over the police department via these consent … [Read More...]

Major Scandal Hits US Military

Barack Obama is NO FRIEND of our BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN IN OUR ARMED FORCES. Read this article and I can imagine what your feelings will be.   I image HILLARY will follow in his footsteps, if ELECTED, because she has no LOVE for the military. Please SHARE  Don … [Read More...]

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