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Does Anyone Know the Acting Director of the FBI Is Under Investigation?

WHY has he not been removed until the investigation has been completed????? Where is AG SESSIONS??????? Send @realDonaldTrump a twit that AG SESSION should removed this person until the investigation is completed!!!! Flood POTUS with your TWITTs. Then SHARE with your RELATIVES AND FRIENDS. Watch LOU DOBBS on Fox Business, 7-8PM ET. You … [Read More...]


There goes ANOTHER FREEDOM. The BIG GOVERNMENT making decisions for us. This decision should be between the INSURANCE CO AND THE INDIVIDUAL!!!! This is suppose to be a FREE COUNTRY!!! This is getting to be an ADD-ON JUST LIKE OBAMACARE!!!!!! Let your US SENATORS know that BIG GOVERNMENT should not be making these decisions. Make that … [Read More...]

Black Unemployment lowest Level in 17 Years

HOW is the LEFT going to SQUARE THIS???????? Everyone SHOULD SAY "THANK YOU POTUS". A comment from an individual at the end of this article: newdog301 • 16 hours ago-- Looks like we finally figured out the answer to the question, "What the hell do you have to lose?" … [Read More...]

The Nuclear Option: Speaker Ryan Afraid to Lead

This is an excellent article by Charles Hurt of the Washington D.C. Times. Charles appears on Fox News often. He is asking THE SNAKE a number of questions concerning why in the past THE SNAKE speaks in how he would place all these bills that would make OUR GOVERNMENT a smaller government. Charles has it RIGHT. "This country is at a … [Read More...]

Report: Trump Michigan Voters Love POTUS, Hate Paul Ryan/Mitch McConnell

I agree very, very much with the Michigan Voters. It is my opinion these two individuals heads-up "THE SWAMP". It appears to me when every it helps them, they will JUMP-OFF THE TRUMP TRAIN but if they become scared they might be hurt - THEY WILL JUMP BACK-ON THE TRUMP TRAIN. My opinion is they HAVE NO LOYALTY -- BUT -- TO "THE SWAMP" (The … [Read More...]

St. Louis Cardinals Refuse to Bow to LGBT Demands to Punish Christians

As Paul Mirengoff reported, Berkman said: "The issue is, what to do about a 15 or 16-year-old boy who thinks he’s a girl and wants to shower with the girls. Maybe he is [transgender], maybe he’s confused. But I wouldn’t want him in the shower with my daughters. We shouldn’t have the rights of 2 percent of the population trump the rights of the … [Read More...]

Why Conservatives Put Trust in Trey Gowdy as House’s Corruption Fighter

"Prior to joining Congress, Gowdy worked as a federal prosecutor in South Carolina on cases that included narcotics trafficking rings, child pornography, and the murder of a federal witness. He also held the post of  7th Circuit solicitor, directing 25 attorneys and 40 other employees in an office that represents South Carolina in certain local … [Read More...]

Comey’s Game

This is a very good article and makes one wonder why Mr. Mueller is investigating POTUS when it is HIS FRIEND, Mr. Comey, who should be investigated!!!!! How come the Ass't AG Mr. Rossecille was so quick to appoint a special counselor who he had know for over 20 years. It is again funny that the Ass't AG and Mr. Comey have worked together for … [Read More...]

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There has been talk about this organization. You can read this article and see if you agree with … [Read More...]

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